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Occasionally we have a dog that for whatever reason we don't wish to use in our breeding program and we will offer them for sale here. Please contact us by Email if you're interested in one of our dogs.

Donnerbergs Yonkers and Donnerbergs Cozmo, both listed below, are available as "pet/companion" dogs to forever retirement homes, at no cost. Please call me if you're interested at 530-695-1469 or email me at
Donnerbergs Planet
Donnerbergs Yonkers, Rottweiler female from America
Multi V-1,
Donnerbergs Yonkers
Date of Birth: 10/9/07, AKC#: WS23539401
OFA#: RO-70954E32F-VPI, OFA#: RO-EL7685F32-VPI, RO-CA5211/53F/P-VPI, DNA#: V648624
Owner: Cheri Ruzich
Breeder: Cheri Ruzich
Sire: CH. Bosne I Hercegovine U Ljepoti, Lotar Crni Vitez, IPO I, DOB: 4/27/02, JR708808 Rw, WS04652002, DNA#: V343542, HD+/-
Dam: UCI INTL. CH., Multi V-1, Donnerbergs Eluzhen, DOB: April 7th, 2002, WR06485701, RO-64838G24F-PI, RO-EL4733F24-PI, Thyroid Normal, DNA#: V529934
Donnerbergs Planet
Donnerbergs Cozmo v. Hartenkern, Rottweiler female from America
Donnerbergs Cozmo v Hartenkern,
Date of Birth: 7/2/07, AKC#: WS23175601, UKC#: P616-525
OFA#: RO-70334G26F-VPI, OFA#: RO-EL7333F26-VPI, RO-CA5208/56F/P-VPI, AKC DNA#: V584772
Owner: Cheri Ruzich
Breeder: Larry Nicholson
Sire: V-1, Southwest Regional Youth Sieger, Von Vala's Atretes, SchH I, BH, BBT, AD, DOB: 10/20/00, WR000100/06, RO-63326G24M-PI, RO-EL4194M24-PI
Dam: Junior CH., CH. SCG, CH. Serbia, V-1 Europa Sieger Bratislava, Multi V-1, Multi BOB, Intl. CH., Oli Od Dragicevica, IPO I, HD-, ED-
Donnerbergs Planet
Donnerberg Rottweilers
Cheri Ruzich
P. O. Box 305
Live Oak, CA 95953
(530)695-1469 or (530)415-8241

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