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Donnerbergs Mojito, Rottweiler born in the United States
Donnerbergs Mojito,
DOB: 12/3/10, AKC#: WS36235801, OFA#: RO-73382G28M-VPI,
OFA#: RO-EL9208M28-VPI, OFA#: RO-CA5217/15M/P-PI
DNA Long Coat Test #: 79443-Negative

Description: Mojito is the largest male Rottweiler we've ever owned and has the largest bone we've seen in many, many years. He is full size to the standard and weighs 150 pounds in trim working weight. His temperament is sound and he is friendly and loving yet is a fantastic watch dog and will bark ferociously when intruders are present. I am only selling him because he is a little bit much for me to handle because of his size and strength. I have actually ridden him a few times. I cannot wrestle him to the ground. He is the first Rottweiler I've ever owned that I cannot over-power physically, he is just simply too big and too strong. I can get him to do most things just by asking, but I'm used to being able to physically maneuver my dogs. He out weighs me and is taller than I am when he stands up so he does have the advantage. It's a good thing he's such a gentle giant. He is leash trained and knows some basics. Mojo is very agile and can turn on a dime. He can jump pretty high but so far hasn't jumped our six foot fence. His conformation is beautiful and he's extremely highly intelligent. He is ready for some serious training and showing. Mojo is top show quality!! He is a proven natural breeder and has produced some beautiful puppies that look just like him and his litters quality is very consistent. Mojo would definitely be a super addition to any breeding program.

Breeder/Owner: Cheri Ruzich

Sire: Multi V-1, NIRK GR. Natl. Sgr. Show 2012,
Vonzennith Dasco,
DOB: 8/6/05, AUS#: 31000157642, AKC#: WS25439802, AUS. HD-, ED-, OFA#: RO-70505G29M-VPI, OFA#: RO-CA5210/79M/P-VPI, AKC DNA#: V530691

Dam: VP-3 Rated,
Vonzennith Lia,
DOB: 2/12/07, AUS#: 3100183460, AKC#: WS23389601, UKC#: P616-523, OFA#: RO-69920G25F-VPI, OFA#: RO-EL7094F25-VPI, DNA#: V578180
Donnerberg Rottweilers
Cheri Ruzich
P. O. Box 305
Live Oak, CA 95953
(530)695-1469 or (530)415-8241

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