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Rottweiler Tail Standard Diagram

The FCI Standard for the Rottweiler Tail states that in the natural condition the tail should be level in extension of the upper line and may be hanging if at ease. Faults for the tail include having the tail set on too high or too low. Eliminating faults for the tail are any tail with a kink, ring tail, or any strong lateral deviation. The FCI's current standard states, "In natural condition, level in extension of the upper line; at ease may be hanging." The FCI is the governing body for all of the kennel clubs in all of the countries around the world.

The American Standard for the Rottweiler is set by the American Kennel Club and revised by the American Rottweiler Club. The current standard states, "Tail docked short, close to body, leaving one or two tail vertebrae. The set of the tail is more important than length. Properly set, it gives an impression of elongation of topline; carried slightly above horizontal when the dog is excited or moving."

Unfortunately when the law changed in Germany that they could no longer dock tails, they decided that they would no longer allow docked Rottweilers to show in Germany. Americans seem to be split on the topic of tails, some adamantly oppose, some are indifferent, and some are adamantly for tails. It's hard to Champion a dog in AKC shows with a tail at this time, but as time goes on this too shall change. Most of the rest of the world is following Germany's lead and leaving tails on Rottweilers. It would be nice if we could just move past the tail issue on Rottweilers and start enjoying our dogs again. The damage from arguing and fighting that the tail issue has done in the USA to the clubs favoring tails and also the clubs not favoring tails has been catastrophic and has literally ripped clubs apart.

We here at Donnerberg prefer to remain neutral on this issue. We proudly own both tailed and docked dogs. Our only complaint is that we feel we should be able to show both in any venue we choose. While we do currently still dock our litters, we hope that some day in the future the laws will prohibit docking in the United States so that we can all safely leave tails on our puppies without having to worry that people would amputate their tails after our dogs and puppies are sold.

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